this month is a hectic month for me. i have my science exhibition coming where i am doing a biology project. moreover durga puja is coming.

if you dont already know durga puja is one of the biggest festival in india. basically you can do anything you like during this time. you dont have to study and can roam all around the city and enjoy with your friends watch as much as tv you want. sound i a perfect life, right?

but this festival only last for five days and then you have to jump right back into your old (read:boring) life. in this festival we worship goddesss durga and is celebrated all over west bengal. this time is the best to vist this state. the whole just looks awesome! ❤



durga puja


my to be read books of this month

  • room by emma donoghue
  • daddy long legs
  • and the mountains echoed by khaled hosseni

hope september will be best for you all!

that's the thing about pain it demands to be felt...
-the fault in our stars

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