popular books i haven’t read..

There are plenty of books which are releasing every month  but to be very honest there is a majority of popular books i haven’t read. there are many reasons though of not reading them of which number one is to live in India. Since i live in India it is very difficult to get hold of many new released books since the international publishers are not ready to ship to India due high shipping charges. Then the books which are newly released dont have much discount on them thus making them very expensive and people like me are left bankrupt by buying just one book (sigh).

So here are the few books which are very popular but i havent read them but hope to read them in future(hopefully!)

  • FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell- i have heard great reviews about this books and i am just too excited to read this one. Previously i have read Carry On by the author and it was a pretty good one so am  willing to read this one.16068905
  • THIRTEEN REASONS WHY by Jay Asher- i absolutely LOVED the synopsis of this book. The synopsis was absolutely gripping. The topic which are dealt in the book makes it  a MUST READ for every teen and young adultThirteenReasonsWhy.jpg
  • THE SELECTION SERIS by Kiera Cass- To be very honest, judging the book by its cover, i was not really excited for this book but then after reading the synopsis and great reviews for the book now i am totally understanding the hype for the book and am looking forward top read the series.Image result for the selection series
  • ME BEFORE YOU by Jojo Moyes- There is never too much promotion for international books in India so i didnt hear Image result for me before you book coverabout this book until the movie came out(please dnt judge me now).

so comment down below which popular books you havent read?

this are the two blogs i follow for reviews (myriadinklings) (twirling pages)






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