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10 hyped books that i am dying to read!!

So have seen people opn Youtube doing 24days of christmas(or probably thats what its called) where you post one video everyday till 25th December. so i thought of doing something like that and i will post on my blog everyday about tags,book reviews and things like that. so yeah lets get started

Today i will talk about 10 hyped books that i am dying to read. i found this post on this  blog and thought of doing it.
  1. All the light we cannot see- I have seen practically every Youtuber talking about this book and they ghave some amazing reviews about this book. It even won the Pulitzer prize of 2015 and  the synopsis is also good and i hope to pick this up soon!

2. Me before you- Its a shame i havent read this one yet. Everyone is saying that it is AMAZING and definately in my next haul i will buy this. Moreover i dont want to watch the movie before reading the book.


3.Lady Midnight (the dark artifices)- the synopsis is damn good. And i think it has got a weirdly amazing book cover !

4. The six of crows duology- Basically everyone listed this as  their favourite this year and its not even posssible but everyone is giving positive reviews about this one. I WANT THIS!!!

5.Froze Charlotte-It is so CREEEPY.oohhh my goddd!! it is even featured in Zoella’s book club and i so want to buy this one. ‘we are waiting for you to come and play’ ohhhhhh CREEPY VIBES!

6. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children)- This one is also about CREEPY children. Plus it also has some major creepy pictures in it and i am dying to read this one!

7. If I Was Your Girl- so it is about a trans woman journey and i think it will be a powerful book for anyone.

8.The spectacular now- I watched the movie last night and i just cannot believe it ended like that. it was like they cut out the whole scene and i am desparate to know what happened next. It just cant end that way. JUST CANT!

9. The unexpected everything- I have never read a Morgan Matson book before and i desparately want to read this one. Because it has got DOGS in it. DOGS DOGS DOGS!!!! Beside the plot is also VERY interesting.


10.The selection series- I have seen sooo many booktuber and bookblogger talking and LOVING this book that i DESPARATELY want this book.

There are many more but this are the top 10 in my list.
comment down below what hyped books are on your tbr! ❤
shreya ❤

4 thoughts on “10 hyped books that i am dying to read!!

  1. I want to read Frozen Charlotte and Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children. The covers look so creepy and interesting ❤💓…. Also because I am tired of reading sappy young adult fiction and romance!

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