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Book Recommendation….

Hi everyone! I couldn’t continue with my 24 days of Christmas since my mother had been admitted to the hospital and she had to undergo an operation. Due to all this tension I couldn’t write a single post and am really sorry. She is slowly recovering and so I am now able to write a post 🙂 .
So here are some of the books i would recommend you all to read

i really love books based on the holocaust theme so i was sure that this will end up being my favourite. It is a middle grade book but it deals with an important part of history and thats the reason why everyone is gonna love this…


  • The complete adventure of Feluda volume 1 and 2  by Satyajit Ray

If you are a Bengali then you have read Feluda atleast once in your lifetime…but if you are not PLEASE DONOT MISS ON THIS ADVENTURE…this whole series contains the various advetures of Feluda with his cousin, Topshe and his friend, Lalmohan Babu a.k.a. Jatayu… Also a fun fact is Satyajit Ray won the Lifetime Achievement Oscar Award for his films…Please it is my request to read all his stories and watch all his films…I am 100% sure you wont be dissapointed!


  • The drowning by Rachel Ward

I really liked the mystery element they used in this plot setting….the plot development was super and i was so dying to know how it all ends…i wasnt dissapointed. I have a review for this here!
  • Main Street series by Ann M. Martin

The first book starts with the journey of newly orphaned sisters, Flora and Ruby and it gives a whole view on how they cope up with their parents death and their new life with their grandma in a new town. It shows their transformation from an adolescent to a has been very simply written and even a non-reader will find it interesting…


Okay folks! Thats all for today i will be writing more post and see you next time *kisses*…<3

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