Inspiration: Blythe Baird

“Your sexuality is not a promise you have to keep.” -BB

Hello eveyone! Merry Christmas to you all!! Hope you all spend your day well. So i didnt know what to post today and first off thought of writing a book review but then a brillant idea stuck me. what if i write an inspirational post..the year is ending and all of us can use some inspirations to look forward to 2017
so am thinking to write about my sources of inspiartion for each week…it might be a movie,book or a person. Today’s inspiaration is Blythe Baird.

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She is one of my favourite poets and are poems are the food to my soul. 
“20. author. actress. feminist. leo.” says her bio in her website.
So here are some of her inspiartional quotes and poems-

I want to stand up, but if I do,
whose coffee table silence
will these boys rest their feet on?
I want to stand up, but if I do,
what if someone takes my spot?
I want to stand up, but if I do,
what if everyone notices I’ve been
sitting this whole time? I am guilty
of keeping my feminism in my pocket
until it is convenient not to, like at poetry
slams or my women’s studies class. – From Pocket-sized Feminism

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Growing up, my mother taught me that lipstick should be reserved for special occasions.

Now I wear it all the time.
I am my own special occasion


a few hours before my best friend
sexually assaulted me on our college
campus, we discussed the prospect
of astral projection. He didn’t understand
my enthusiasm. “Why would anyone
want to leave their body?” he laughed.

& in this moment, we had nothing
in common. -YOU STILL DON’T GET IT, by Blythe Baird.

We are the daughters
of men who warned us about the news
and the missing girls on the milk carton
and the sharp edge of the world.
They begged us to be careful. To be safe.
Then told our brothers to go out and play.- From Pocket-sized Feminism


Says he is just so glad
to finally see me taking care of myself.

If you develop an eating disorder
when you are already thin to begin with,
you go to the hospital.

If you develop an eating disorder
when you are not thin to begin with,
you are a success story.


You were every airplane I mistook
for a star. You were everything bright

and leaving. You were the first person
I mistook for a feeling- if not love,

what was I supposed to name this?

You were the first I love you that I woke up to.
I was the first poem you had written in months.

But lover, do not mistake this book for a letter.
Do not mistake my forgiveness for an apology.

Remember I was full
long before you fed me.”


How can we expect a woman to keep us out
of war, when our country

has already declared one
on her body?

Watch this public display of femininity’s
balancing act. Watch this laughable attempt
at being both powerful and unthreatening.

Watch her walk the tightrope of being
both pretty and taken seriously.

Watch her drown trying.

Watch the mascara run down her face.
Watch this delicate grandmother crumble.

Place bets in crowded bars with drunk friends
how long this royal imposter can hold her breath.

Watch the crowds drooling mouths
wait for her to save our country,

daintily. We will tremble as our country’s men
leave handprints over the mouths of our daughters,

chanting “And this is why we can’t
put women in charge of anything.“


She glosses her lips with gasoline,
kisses the mouths of matchstick men

then complains everyone she loves
is on fire. ”

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I hope you liked the quotes of her comment down below which was your favourite..
also you can buy her book on  amazon/Book Depository/
You can find her website here!
Photo and poem courtesy- Google and the poet’s website




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