Hey guys! This is a very personal post and if you are here for the book reviews or bookish stuff then feel free to ignore this post… This is my blog and i thought that i can use it as my diary.


So for  the past few weeks my life has been turned upside down since my mother has been diagonised with cancer. She is the main part of  my family and most importantly the sun of my universe…my whole solar system seems to be collapsing all of a sudden!

How can somebody live without their mother,how can they survive……GOD KNOWS… 

Coming to my school this was supposed to be the most fun year but it turned out to be VERY DIFFERENT…i have been in school since Nursery  and have spent 11 glorious years in here and HAVE REALLY ENJOYED THESE YEARS AND CREATED THE BEST OF MEMORIES...But this this first year of High School sucked and i can ONLY be hopeful that next year i.e. the last year of school might be good….Though we wont be having a prom nor a farewell party….


I am currently reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and am loving it. Though the story is progressing very slow, i can relate to Cath very much. I am like her duplicate.


I am currently in love with the MTV show AWKWARD and it is so amazing. Also i am watching a 1998 Hindi show called HIP HIP HURRAY..if you are from India and have watched this show please comment down below since i so badly want to fangirl about this one….It made me feel nostalgic and transported me to a time where there was no facebook twiiter…no social media actually (in India). The 90s were the best time and i so wnat to live in that period. We seriously need time travelling.


My current favourite song this I dont wanna live forever by Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift and am in LOVE with this song..

So thats all for this month…

C O M M E N T   D O W N   H O W   I S   Y O U R    J A N U A R Y   G O I N G   ??? 




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