bookish talk

I am the new co-blogger of The Bookworm Society!!!

So Hiiii peeps!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 I am Saindhavi! And I am the new (also, only!) contributer of this awesome blog along with Shreya (#thesaggiwhoreads) who is my best friend forevah! (We go to the same highschool).


Heyy! Don’t you think her username is so cool what with the zodiac mention and all? It means the Sagittarius who reads! You know, this is one of the reasons we gel so well. I am an aquarius, and aquarius and sagittarius have max compatibility!😊😊😊😊

So yes as I was saying (before I got sidetracked by her username) that from today I am going to post in this blog. Mostly poems, and sometimes articles maybe. Oh also about the Wizarding World (Harry Potter is my LIFE

Okayy so lets leave it at this. Bye till my next post! See ya..


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