Bye April, Welcome May

I have been MIA due to various personal problems which I dont want to discuss here. Let us consider i was on a break and i am finally back.

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And this break was very helpful because now I have decided that this blog wont just be about books but also about my life and the roller coaster emotions that i am currently experiencing now!


Marissa Meyer Heartless– And loved it!

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And at this reading rate I will never be able to complete my Goodreads goal!


I didn’t read much this month because I was busy binge-watching…

  • Thirteen Reasons Why- I LOVED IT!!♡♡
  • Riverdale – WHEN WILL EPISODE 12 COME????????

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  • Take a break from social media – No I am not taking a break from my so-called ‘social’ life due to my academic pressure. But because one morning when i woke up , all deserted and lonely (and am telling you the scene was that dramatic), a very chilly realisation dawned upon me. That i have NO FRIEND IN MY REAL LIFE. THAT I WAS FUCKING ALONE AND JUST LIKE THE FAMOUS LINE FROM THIRTEEN REASONS WHY GOES ‘Some of you cared. None of you cared enough….’. Also, i cannot guarantee anyone that my absence from social media will help me find friends but i think it will at least help me stay away from my “so-called” friends.

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  • Learn to make a smoothie bowl

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  • Take pictures with my Instax
  • Read at least 5 books!
  • Learn to be happy alone ☺


Thats all folks!

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(All pictures taken from WeHeartIt randomly)


5 thoughts on “Bye April, Welcome May

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      1. I’m on tape 9 now. I feel so slow. Like I was expecting to finish it in 2 days or so but it’s almost a week now. I can’t bear to watch more than 2-3 tapes in one go. Is it only me?


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