dear me….

so this is your last summer vacation of school and more precisely this is your last day of vacation. So yeah,end of a beautiful phase of your life.


but this summer wasnt quite what you expected it to be.

i know you are scared for your grades and maybe your life is falling apart but hang in there it is just going to get better.

you made new friends right? but both of us know that they wont stick around for long.

but thats okay people who matter will stay forever.

this whole summer was sad terrifying and made your anxiety issues worse. but one thing i know for sure is that you learned a lot this summer.

it okay to be scared of the future, of losing your mom and of not being able to imagine a life without her but as Justin in Wonder said

…it’s not all random, if it really was all random, the universe would abandon us completely. and the universe doesn’t. it takes care of its most fragile creations in ways we can’t see. like with parents who adore you blindly. and a big sister who feels guilty for being human over you. and a little gravelly-voiced kid whose friends have left him over you. and even a pink-haired girl who carries your picture in her wallet. maybe it is a lottery, but the universe makes it all even out in the end. the universe takes care of all its birds.

you will continue to have bad days where you will feel that everything just went down the drains. and believe me those are the days when you will understand the importance of Fmovies, books, family and Saindhavi.


you see we die alone but that necessarily doesn’t mean we have to live alone. Go out darling. Explore the unknown. i mean its fine if you want some me time but one thing for sure is that your family and best friends will always be there by your side no matter what. and however dark and bad the future might seem you will get over it.

trust me. ❤


p.s. guys are really dumb when it comes to crushes. really dumb.



9 thoughts on “dear me….

  1. Okkaayy!! To everyone who read this post, this ‘Saindhavi’ mentioned above (apparently the person she can’t live without or so she claims! Not that it stops her from destroying my life😆😚) is Meeeee😊

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