To the lessons learnt…Adios July!

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Oh what a month July was! So many lessons learnt, so many memories created and so much bitterness in the air!!

July was the last summer month of my school life. God what  a journey it has been!*wipes tears*This month was a total eye opener and made me realise my potential all over again. But I did learn that life is short and I don’t have time to hold grudge against anyone. And people who are meant to stay will stay 🙂 ❤



  • The Raven Boys – 5/5 stars

I really enjoyed this book and it was perfect to get me out of my reading slump. I loved the characters and the whole plot was refreshing! You can check my full review here.

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  • Asylum –  3.8/5 stars

The whole plot was interesting and creepy but there were few plotholes. But barring that i really enjoyed this book!❤ A full review is coming soon.

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DESCENDENT OF THE SUN – I was obsessed with Korean dramas this whole month. I really like them since the plot and the character was so cute and adorable. Moreover the humour element is finely added to this drama and made it super awesome❤❤

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School 2017 – I am super excited to start this drama since i loved Who Are You:School 2015. I have just watched few episodes and already loving it.

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Scream Queens – God this show was hilarious featuring some dumb people, each having a motive for murder😂.But i have to admit it was freaking funny and mysterious and brutal!!

Memories of the month 





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