i am shreya deb i live in kolkata, india i am aspiring to be a doctor and am preparing for my entrance exams i love to read books and write review about them 

i started this blog as i had a passion for books and enjoy discussing and reviewing them it also helps me to refresh my mind…

IMG_20160529_134932.jpgHere is some fun fact about me

  • I am a Bengali who (like any other bengali) loves to talk and swear..
  • I was born on 24 th November in Kolkata
  • I am a  proud saggitarian
  • I am a big fan of Satyajit Ray and love all his movie and books
  • I am a die hard fangirl of Heath Ledger and often go into depression when i realise that he is not with us anymore 😦
  • I have seen 10 things i hate about you, Heathers, Flipped, Never let me go and The Dark Knight for more than 50 times
  • My hometown is in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • i am 5 feet 8 inches tall and have dark brown hair and i wear glasses

Thats all!!!


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