A Colour-changing Canopy.

Just like a colour-changing canopy, Stretched above us is the same sky It flickers from crimson to saffron to pink And most nights, it is like the jet black of your eye. By the twilight I take care not to notice, Because eons back, One such setting sun witnessed us together for the first time,... Continue Reading →


But darling, you left.

But darling, you left. All those evenings walking hand in hand And those promises of forever, where do they stand? With the wind caressing your face and catching in my hair, To think nothing of them, how would I dare? But, how long does forever last, making me wonder Darling, you left. I never knew... Continue Reading →

Love you Zindagi!

  Do you believe in love💜? Now, do you? If yes, then which one do you believe in - the heartrending soul crushing overpowering kind of love or the one with all the sunshine in the world dotted beautifully with the red roses 🌹🌹 and the 'valentine's day' special edition chocolates one? Wait, are you... Continue Reading →

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