review policy

i would love to review books for publishers/authors

book formats

  • hardcovers
  • paperback
  • arcs

i will not be accepting e-books


  • young adult
  • mystery/adventure
  • contemporay
  • romance
  • fiction
  • poetry
  • thrillers
  • dystopian
  • self published

i will not be accepting

  • religious
  • erotia
  • non fiction

review policy

my review will consist of all information about the book like title, author, publishers,synopsis etc. all my review gets featured on amazon and goodreads. i will post a picture of it on my instagram, facebook and twitter.

my reviews will be 100% honest and are purely my opinion about that book. i will not post anything that might hurt anyone’s sentiments. if  i donot like the book i will continue to write a review about the book explaining which part i didnt like.

please note if the book is in series i might need other books in the series.

review requests

  • title/author
  • publishers
  • genre
  • format(arc, hardcover, hardcover)
  • publication date
  • time frame for review(if its an arc)

if you want to send me the book please email me ( or please fill in the form below and i will contact within a week.



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