Halloweeny Book recommendations

Hello Booknerds! It's that time of the year again when people get to dress up as their favourite spooky character and go trick or treating. But that's not the case for us Indian we are either celebrating it with our head stuck in our text books since most of the exams start in the month... Continue Reading →


Bye September!

September was one of the best month of this year because a lot happened during this month. I took part in a lot of activities and throughly enjoyed it! Teacher day I will cherish this day forever in my life because it was AMAZING. The choir I was a part of sang beautifully (though the... Continue Reading →

Top Books I Read This Summer!

My aim for this summer was to read cute summer contemporaries but I read like 2 of them and BAM! summer was over... But on the bright side I read some quite interesting books in the summer and here are the ones  i will recommend. Some else's summer by Rachel Bateman this book is about... Continue Reading →

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