Life: The act of letting go…

nostalgia nɒˈstaldʒə/ nouna ●sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past. School is over. And what is haunting me are the memories of what that time was. What a time i had! A lot has changed since. My partner in crime is leaving the city and doesnt want to meet me for… Continue reading Life: The act of letting go…


Life Updates!

Hey! I have been MIA for a long time because a lot was happening in my life and i kinda could not keep up with all the pressures, deadlines and exams. So let me tell you all that happened during this course of time. First, my school ended. That means i will be in college… Continue reading Life Updates!


Speech: Wear Sunscreen by Mary Schmich….

Hey guys! I actually first read this speech at the beginning of my High School and  LOVED it. Last week I stumbled upon this speech again and thought of sharing it with you all. It is not that popular but i think it should be.  Wear Sunscreen By Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune Ladies and… Continue reading Speech: Wear Sunscreen by Mary Schmich….